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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my WiFi products keep going offline?

Q: Why my doorbell rings outside but never on the inside?

Q: Doorbell Camera: can’t figure out how to replay motion alert recordings?

Q: Is it possible to save videos in a cloud server?

Q: WiFi Connection Issues

Q: Can we install WiFi recessed fixtures in a steam room?

Q: Can we install a dimmer with WiFi products?

Q: What is the battery life for BAZZ Water Detector. Do I get a health update on the unit to my app?

Q: Support IFTTT?

Q: How long does the USB charge hold for the BAZZ Siren Alarm? How long does it last ? Can it work in cold weather?

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What Are Ul, FCC, CE & IP Rating Certifications for Smart Home Device?

Is a Hub or Gateway required to control BAZZ Smart Home products?

Can only BAZZ Smart Home Application control all the smart products?

Can I control my BAZZ Smart Home products from outside my house?

Can BAZZ Smart Home products be controlled by SIRI?

What is BAZZ Smart Home Product Warranty?

What are BAZZ Smart Home Product Certification?

What security standards does BAZZ Smart Home Application follow?

Q: What is the wattage and brightness?

Q: What is the color temperature?

Q: Which devices is it compatible with?

Q: Can it be voice activated?

Q: How far away can I be while still being able to control remotely?

Q: Does it require WiFi and a hub to work?

Q: Does it support multiple user control?

Q: Can it be connected using Bluetooth?

Q: Is it energy efficient?

Q: Is it safe to install over the shower?

Q: Is it dimmable?

Q: Is it compatible with standard light switches and dimmers?

Q: How long will it last?

Q: How long does the product warranty cover me?

Q: Will this mount into just holes in the ceiling if there are no existing pots in place?

Q: What certifications does this product have?

Q: Does my camera works with Alexa and/or Google?

Q: L’App Bazz Smart Home peut-être installée sur un PC?

Q: Pouvons-nous grouper nos lumières pour que les appareils s’allument en même temps?

Q: Combien de data prend les photos et vidéos sur nos caméras?

Q: MicroSD?

Q: Les fils de ma caméra WF19194BK sont bleus et bruns/gris et non noir ou blanc comme les instructions?

Q: Vos produits sont ils compatibles avec un HUB?

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