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Home Automation Guide for Your Newly Purchased House

Home Automation Guide for Your Newly Purchased House

What Is Home Automation?

Have you ever heard the term “the Internet of Things?” Basically, it’s a network of objects (things) that allow them to connect and exchange data over the internet. It’s the backbone of home automation. Thanks to the way technology has evolved, it's never been easier for devices and appliances to all be connected over the same network, giving the homeowner seamless, total control over all aspects of your home. With common, new technology like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and more, automating your home is surprisingly simple and affordable!

How Does Home Automation Work? 

There are two main ways to automate your home. One is through Wi-Fi. You buy the smart home appliances or tools you need and use an app to set them up on your home network. Given that network congestion is more common on Wi-Fi, this is the best bet for people only wanting to have certain things automated.

The other way is through the two most popular wireless technologies on the market: Z-Wave & Zigbee. This is wireless mesh networking, meaning that they create a specific hub that only works with the other wireless products using the same network. Z-Wave works with Z-Wave, Zigbee works with Zigbee. These wireless mesh networks allow you to fully automate your home with a lot more smart products as they tend to use less data. (SOURCE)

Benefits of Home Automation

The benefits are amazing. Have you ever left the house worrying that you’ve left an appliance running? If you have home automation, you could turn off the appliance with a click of a button remotely. You can do all kinds of stuff. You can set air conditioners or heaters to start an hour before you get home to cut down on costs, program your home lighting to wake you up at a certain time, and even program your coffee machine to have a cup waiting for you as soon as you get up. All of this is possible with home automation and at very reasonable prices to boot!

1) Safety

With home automation, you can keep a close eye on your home even when you’re away. Worried about water leaks? The BAZZ water leak sensor will send you a notification anytime a leak is detected.

Want to know when an alarm is triggered at your home? The BAZZ Smart Alarm will send you instant notifications and can be paired with motion sensors and more for fully automated home safety.

2) Convenience 

How would you like to completely automate your lighting? Rather than get jolted awake by an annoying alarm clock, you can simply set the lighting all over your home to turn on at a certain time, waking you in a much gentler way. This is easy with a BAZZ smart lighting kit

3) Eco-Friendly

One way that smart home products are eco-friendly is that they cut down on energy usage in a big way. Consider BAZZ Smart Plugs. With these, you can do things like monitor a plug’s energy consumption and cut down on your use of energy-draining items by setting them to only operate at certain times a day. It’ll save you money in the long run, while also being good for the environment! 

The same thing goes for BAZZ Smart Home LED bulbs, which are far more energy-efficient and last a whole lot longer than conventional bulbs.

4) Security

Here’s an area automating your home can drastically improve! You can buy smart home motion sensors, video doorbells, smart locks, and a whole lot more to make sure your home is fully protected at all times - especially when you’re not there!

5) Do You Need a Hub?

It depends. While certain smart home products, such as those that operate on Zigbee or Z-Wave, need a home hub to control them, the vast majority of BAZZ smart home products use Wi-Fi, and can simply be controlled via a downloadable smartphone app. It’s a pretty easy and cost-efficient system. (SOURCE)

6) Voice Assistants

All BAZZ smart home products are fully compatible with the big voice assistant programs out there, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Here’s how:

7) Amazon Alexa

Probably the most well-equipped brand to automate your home, Alexa can group all of your smart home products and make them fully operable via a single voice command. This works well even if your products come from a variety of different brands.

8) Google Assistant

BAZZ home products are also fully compatible with Google Assistant. While some may have trouble pairing the products with Google Assistant via their phone, this can usually be solved by downloading and using Firefox mobile to do the initial pairing.

9) Apple Siri

At the moment, BAZZ smart home products are not compatible with Apple Siri. 

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