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How Do Motion Sensors Work for Home Security?

Motion sensors are a fantastic addition to your home security that can be quickly installed and just as easily monitored. The primary purpose of placing a motion sensor within your home is to ultimately sense unexpected movement and send an alert to your control panel or your phone. 

Smart home motion sensors such as BAZZ Smart Home's WiFi Motion Sensor can even be used to trigger an alarm or turn on lights when combined with other smart home devices! These are great for occasions when you are not home for long periods, allowing you to rest easy in knowing your space is safe and free of intruders.

Types of Motion Sensors Explained

The three most common motion sensors utilize passive infrared, Microwave, and dual technology. 

Passive infrared (PIR)

Passive infrared motion sensors are the most widely used in home security systems as they detect body heat (infrared energy) by scanning for changes in temperatures. Once armed, the sensor will warm up and begin to detect heads and movement within its surrounding areas through a "protective grid." When grid zones and infrared energy change rapidly, the sensor will trigger.

Microwave (MW)

While expensive and more vulnerable to electrical interference, motion sensors that send out microwave pulses that measure moving objects' reflections are also popular when shopping for home security options.

Dual Technology Motion Sensors

Some motion sensors combine multiple detection methods, such as passive infrared and microwave sensors, to reduce the chance of false alarms. As each sensor type operates differently to trigger an alert of movement, a false alarm is less likely to occur. 

Placement Suggestions for Motion Sensors

Placing your sensors in the proper space will ensure the best coverage of monitored areas. While it may seem intuitive to place motion sensors near a window or a door, it can block their range. Any action in front of the sensor only shows slight alterations in infrared energy. When placed in a space with a fluctuation of heat (such as a sunny window or a heating element) can prevent the sensor's proper function. 

We suggest placing your motion sensors in the corner of a room with an unobstructed view of its entryway to allow easy detection of any movement within the space.

How to Install Your Motion Sensors?

While the installation process for motion sensors varies by type and brand, BAZZ Smart Home WiFi Motion Sensors are a breeze to install and activate. Attach the device to any surface on the wall or ceiling and download the BAZZ Smart Home app. No hub required!

Tips That To Consider Before Buying

Before purchasing a motion sensor for your home, consider the following: 

1) Size of Your Pets

Your pets' size can play a huge role in your motion sensors’ placement, especially if they are larger. Place the sensor in a place that is not accessible to your pet, and considers their size to ensure they will not trigger constant false alarms. 

2) Things That Will Block the Infrared

Think of your motion sensor as a flashlight; it cannot penetrate through walls or other hard objects. Anything that creates a shadow can block your sensor's ability to detect motion or changes within the space.

3) Overhangs Decrease Range

If you install LED motion sensor lights or cameras outdoors, be aware of any overhang, doors, or foliage that could block or reduce its range. 

4) Not All Motion Sensor Switches Are the Same

If you are utilizing your motion sensor to turn on light switches, keep in mind that various sensors on the market operate differently.

  • Occupancy sensors: turn lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave.
  • Vacancy sensors: turn off lights when a space is empty, but you have to turn it on.
  • Dimmer sensors: customizable for turning on lights at different levels of brightness.

Why Should You Choose a BAZZ WiFi Motion Sensor?

The BAZZ Smart Motion Sensor is an essential smart home device that alerts you when unexpected movement is detected. 

The BAZZ Smart Home motion sensor features a 110-degree viewing angle and 4-6 meter range that picks up every movement. When armed, it will send real-time notifications to your smartphone.

Once movement is detected, you can pair it to trigger a siren alarm or smart lighting to ward off unwanted visitors. Similarly, the motion sensor can replace a light switch! When motion is detected, it can turn on lighting when you enter a room. 

Shop BAZZ Smart Home's line of innovative home security solutions and receive FREE shipping on all orders over $99. 

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