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How to Choose a Wifi Video Doorbell

What is a Video Doorbell Camera? 

A video doorbell is a doorbell with a camera built into it to protect your home from theft and intruders, as well as allowing you to monitor your neighborhood and family, all from your phone. They can either be battery-powered (wireless) or hardwired into an existing doorbell. You can receive alerts of activity or movement, talk with visitors using the audio feature, and stream the video from your smart devices.

Benefits of Having a Smart Wifi Doorbell

Whether you’re on the go a lot or in the office all day, it’s hard to monitor what goes on at home while you’re away. Having a smart wifi doorbell ensures peace of mind, allowing you to be able to greet guests, monitor who visits or leaves, and be alerted of potential threats all from your smartphone. A lot of burglaries happen during the late morning and afternoon, usually when you’re out of the house - so having the ability to watch over your front door whenever, wherever can make all the difference.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry anymore about rushing down to greet a visitor and finding out it’s just the mail delivery man. See who’s at the door by checking your phone, and if it’s just someone dropping something off that you can grab later, you can put your phone down and get back to what you were doing. With the prevalence of package theft, you’ll always want to be able to make sure that that delivery doesn’t leave its place until you get home. See a thief? Scare them off with the two-way audio system, or record the theft so you can show the police and make sure they don’t commit any more crimes.

Which Features Should I Look Into When Buying a Video Doorbell?

Video doorbells come in various styles with different features. BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbells come with a plethora of features and advantages listed below, to ensure you get the best experience. 


Setting up your video doorbell depends on how they connect to power. BAZZ Smart Home offers wireless video doorbells, which require batteries but have no setup requirements like hardwired doorbells do. With wireless video doorbells, you simply just peel and stick. Just be sure to change the battery periodically if it is not a chargeable setup. If the power goes out, you can feel safe knowing that your video doorbell will stay running and monitoring. 


To see who’s arrived at the door, or to catch thieves clearly, you want to have quality video footage. BAZZ provides this necessary feature with a high dynamic range, which takes away glare and shadows so you can see clearly.

Camera Resolution

To get good quality video footage, you need good camera resolution. BAZZ offers 1080p HD resolution, offering non-pixelated, clear images. 

Field of View

If you are going to invest in a surveillance device, you want to be sure you can monitor all of your property. The BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbell has a wide field of view so you can monitor your entire front yard. 


To see the detail of a thief’s face or check the information on a package, having a high quality zoom feature is a great asset in a video doorbell. You can digitally zoom on the BAZZ Smart Home App or with the camera itself. 

Night Vision

When a burglary happens at night, it can be an extremely traumatizing experience. To ensure you catch the culprit - even before they enter your home - BAZZ offers a night vision feature for 24/7 monitoring. Although the footage is black and white, it is extremely clear - perfect for identifying who’s at the front door. 

Motion Detector

A motion detection feature in your video doorbell can be especially useful if you live in a suburban or rural area where there’s not much activity outside of your front door. Perhaps you enjoy monitoring everything that goes on in the neighborhood, or perhaps something has happened in the past that makes you want to be extra cautious of who approaches. You can opt for pure motion detection or just a camera that detects people - know when mail is delivered or when the kids get home from school just by checking your phone. 

Two-Way Audio

Video doorbells often have speakers and microphones built-in so you can greet guests, tell the delivery man where to place your package, or scare off potential threats. 

Recording Ability

If you are experiencing unwanted activity around your house at certain times in the day and want to record it, having that ability and being able to store the live video in your phone can make all the difference. Want to record a thief in the act of stealing a package? Easy. Want to capture a sweet moment between your kids on the front porch? That memory is now saved in your phone for you to share. 


The BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbell requires easy, peel-and-stick, DIY installation. You simply have to stick or mount the device on your wall or where your doorbell currently is and not have to worry about dealing with internal electrical work. 

Storage Space

Video evidence from a crime or wonderful moments caught on camera should never have to be deleted because of low storage space. Because the BAZZ Video Doorbell is connected to Wifi, you can save footage to both your local storage and the cloud. It is also a great idea to have a backup, just in case you need the footage in the future.

Platform Integration

Enjoy hands-free commands by connecting your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to your BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbell. Using these voice assistants to control your video doorbell can make the experience that much more seamless and futuristic. 

Wireless Connectivity

Since BAZZ offers Wifi connectivity with its wireless Video Doorbells, you can connect to the BAZZ Smart Home app anywhere you can access Wifi. Since we live in such a connected world, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to monitor what’s going on on your front porch.

Weather Resistance

The BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbell is designed to withstand any weather conditions as it is meant to be installed outside - monitoring through scorching summer days and dreadful winter storms. Check the video doorbell’s IP rating and temperature range to understand its maximum durability.

Remote with App

Since you’re controlling your BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbell through the BAZZ Smart Home app, you can make it user-friendly by customizing its features to suit your needs. And once you have the Smart Home app, you can monitor your house anywhere Wifi is available - and control it with a remote, voice commands, or your phone!

The Best Video Doorbell? BAZZ Wifi Video Doorbell! 

The BAZZ Smart Video Doorbell lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors, whether you're home or away. 

Communicate with visitors from your living room couch or holiday sun lounger using two-way audio and crystal-clear 1080p HD video. Tell delivery persons where to leave packages, receive alerts when guests arrive, and ward off intruders looking for an unsuspecting home. 

The real-time mobile notifications when motion is detected make it seem like you’re home even when you're not. Complete control, convenience, and safety entirely through your smart device. 

Simply mount the doorbell, connect it to the existing wiring, download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android), and enjoy complete control. 

If you are considering adding a wifi video doorbell to your smart home monitoring, look no further than the BAZZ Smart Wifi Doorbell.

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