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How to Choose the Best Smart Home Water Leak Detector

Returning home to a flooded bathroom or basement is devastating, not only in terms of damage but also in financial expense. Unfortunately, this is the nightmare realized by 14,000 North Americans every single day!

Water damage is the second-largest insurance claim type (on average, over $10,000), so it’s no surprise that you’re searching for ways to protect your home and treasured possessions. A smart home water leak detector is the latest addition to your smart home that alerts you as soon as a leak is detected, so you can spring into action before it’s too late. 

Water Damage Prevention

Any damage to the home is disruptive, but none more so than water damage. Ask any insurance company, and they’ll tell you that water is the most common cause of claims. Fires might be at the top of homeowners’ most feared happenings, but the truth is, water is an accident waiting to happen. 

Water damage can come from many sources: a burst pipe, a broken supply line in the sink, a blocked toilet, or even a split hose connected to your washing machine. Once in full-flow, water can cause a startling amount of damage in a short period of time; destroying flooring, forming mould in walls, and destroying electrical and heating systems. 

When you consider that insurance companies are notoriously selective in their water damage payouts, preventing water damage is vital. Just like the smoke detector fitted in your home’s living spaces, water leak detectors should be fitted where water damage could start, including the laundry room, bathroom, beneath the kitchen sink, and basement. 

What is a Smart Home Water Leak Detector?

It’s easy to underestimate the devastating impact of a water leak, opting to pass it off as a minor inconvenience. But, indeed, leaks can quickly escalate and set you back financially. 

Smart water leak sensors are a simple solution to the problem. The sensor picks up any moisture and sends a mobile notification so that you can take action before it develops. With an immediate notification, you can prevent small problems from escalating into costly ones.

Now, you’re probably wondering where’s the best place for your water leak sensors. Basements are the most obvious choice. After all, 98% of basements are affected by water damage at some point. Other options include the bathroom, laundry room, or near water heaters and sinks. 

Why is Water Leak Detection Important? 

  • Keep down the cost of water bills
  • Stop contaminants from entering your water supply
  • Prevent substantial damage to your property
  • Quickly repair the problem before it gets out of hand
  • Conserve water supply to protect the environment
  • Prevent irreversible damage to walls and flooring
  • Avert damage to the building’s foundations

What to Look for When Shopping?

Surprisingly, when you are shopping for a water leak sensor, there is a range of options available. It’s important to be aware of all the different possibilities and specifications of a water leak sensor before making a decision.

Some devices require a hub to operate, while others just use your existing Wi-Fi network. Some use AC power, and others require a battery. And every device has a different way of alerting you. 

1) Hub Requirements

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle or expense of purchasing a hub to run alongside your water leak sensor, keep your eyes peeled for a hub-free sensor. Hub-free water leak sensors operate using your existing Wi-Fi, making them easy to set up! 

2) Connection Protocols

When choosing a smart leak sensor, you must consider the connectivity protocols the device uses. The right protocols allow you to control and communicate devices from multiple manufacturers with ease. Zigbee & Z-Wave, Thread, Bluetooth and WiFi can all connect your devices. 

At BAZZ Smart Home, all of our devices connect using your existing home WiFi network - a cost-effective and accessible way to build out your IoT network.

3) Integration

Syncing smart devices together are what makes a smart home so fun! If your water leak sensor is capable of communicating with other smart devices in your home, you can set up automated sequences in the event of a leak. 

For example, when water is detected, you could automatically trigger a siren alarm or even completely cut off the water supply with a smart water shutter valve

4) Size

If you plan to place your water leak sensor in a narrow space, ensure the proportions match-up. To help reach down even the tightest space, Bazz’s Smart Water Leak Sensor comes with a highly sensitive probe that extends 46”.

5) Power

Some water leak sensors are battery powered, but some require AC power. Take a look at where you plan to place your sensor, and see if there are any plug sockets nearby. At BAZZ, we understand that areas with water don’t always have a power supply. That’s why our water leak sensor operates with a single CR2 lithium battery and has low energy consumption. 

6) Embed Siren

It’s helpful to have a siren or alert system built into your water leak sensor to know precisely when a problem starts. The BAZZ Smart Water Leak Sensor is fitted with an internal siren to alarm you and sends you a mobile notification if you’re out of the house. 

7) Other Sensors

Some water leak sensors come equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring. While the feature can seem appealing at first, there is little benefit to note for detecting leaks.

Indeed, temperature and humidity monitoring can alert you to poor air quality levels that can cause damage to your home over an extended period of time. Still, in terms of leaks, the feature shouldn’t be at the top of your priority list. Needless to say, lavish features also bump up the cost of a device which should be affordable.

Best DIY Water Leak Detectors for Smart Home 

Looking for a simple and affordable way to detect leaks in your home? The BAZZ Water Leak Sensor offers reliable monitoring to keep your home protected 24/7. 

The moment a leak is detected - near a washing machine, in the basement, or anywhere you would like to monitor - the device sirens an alarm so you can jump into action. Pair the water leak sensor with a Smart Shutter Valve to automatically shut off the water supply when trouble strikes.

Make the smart choice today and purchase BAZZ’s smart water sensor. With no hub or bridge required, installation is easy, and the device uses your existing WiFi network to alert you the moment a leak starts.

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