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RGB LED Lights for Gaming Room

Why Do Gamers Like RGB Lights?

Gamers are a passionate bunch. They're always looking for ways to improve their gaming experience, whether it's by upgrading their hardware, tweaking their settings, or finding the perfect accessories. One popular trend among gamers is installing RGB lights

RGB lights can produce a wide range of colors, and they can add a touch of personality to any gaming setup. But why are RGB lights so popular among gamers? 

One reason is that RGB lights can help to create an immersive gaming experience. By changing the color of the lights to match the in-game environment, players can feel like they're really in the game. Additionally, RGB lights can indicate important information, such as enemy health bars or ammo levels. 

Not only is it great for immersive play, but they also provide a way for gamers to show off their personality and style. Some gamers use RGB lights to create a "light show" that goes along with their favorite game or music.

Prepare Your Gaming Room

Identifying the key areas where you would like to place your RGB lights will help you map out the area and ensure they will be placed in the best spot. 

Next, decide the type of lighting you will utilize in your space.

Will you be installing Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixtures or Smart WiFi RGB LED Bulbs? Or are you going to go with Smart WiFi RGB LED Light Strips?

Take the time to research layouts to ensure it matches your gameplay and your personality. Many online gamers have set up tours where you can take inspiration. 

Color Temperature

The first factor to know about game room lighting is that it should match the color temperature of your screen. For example, if you have an old-school video gaming system with a black background and little light emitting from the screen, don't use whiter tones because there'll be too much contrast. 

Using a smart lighting system that gives you easy access to your color temperatures from your app allows you to have complete control over the lighting in your room. All BAZZ Smart Home lighting can be tuned directly from its app and needs no hub. 

Color Schemes

The right gaming room color schemes can help you set the space's vibe and set the mood, allowing you to relax, focus, or get excited. 


The bright and cheerful color orange is associated with joy and enthusiasm - just qualities we need to be successful gamers! While it's not a color you may immediately think about for your gaming room, having the option to change your RGB lighting to that color is incredibly unique. 


The color red is associated with various emotions and feelings; excitement, love, lust, anger, and warmth. The color can create a thrilling atmosphere in your gaming room, but you should only use it as one corner, so it doesn't totally dominate the space.


Green is a universal color that can represent any number of things. In the minds of many gamers, it's associated with Xbox. It will make for an excellent environment when your gaming room has been themed after this console. 


The blue color in gaming rooms is typically associated with coldness and calmness. Gamers are particularly fond of this hue, as it contrasts the rich colors of their gameplay.  


You'll likely want to transform your game setup with pink LED lights if you're a girl gamer! Pink is the color of peace, compassion, and love. It's also associated with femininity, which makes it relaxing for many people. It looks fantastic when you pair it with purple lighting, too! 

Gaming Room Lighting Ideas

If you're looking for ways to upgrade your gaming room, one area you might want to consider is the lighting. Poor lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches, making it difficult to enjoy your games. Here are two lighting products that help you create the perfect gaming environment.

LED Light Strip

If you're looking to add a little extra flair to your gaming setup, you might consider investing in an LED light strip. These handy strips can be placed just about anywhere, and they offer a wide range of options for customizing your look. 

Many LED light strips come with remote controls, allowing you to change the color and brightness of the lights with the click of a button. But BAZZ Smart Home RGB LED Strip Lights takes it a step further. We give you the power to dim or select your ambient color lighting from millions of colors directly from your smartphone or your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The 10 ft. cable can also be connected to another, giving you 20 ft of gorgeous LED lighting. Whether you're looking for a subtle accent or a dramatic showpiece, an LED light strip can help take your gaming room to the next level!

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs should be at the top of your list when outfitting a gaming room. LED bulbs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, emitting less heat. That means you can keep your gaming room cool and comfortable without worrying about your light bulbs adding to the heat.

In addition, LED bulbs have a longer life span, so you won't have to replace them as often. And because they produce little or no UV radiation, they won't cause fading or other damage to your gaming equipment.

BAZZ Smart Home has an array of LED Light Bulb selections for your gaming room, from 4 Packs of 6" Smart WiFi Color + White LED Recessed Light Fixtures to BR30 Smart WiFi RGB LED Bulbs

The BAZZ Smart Home line allows you to choose from millions of colors, set scenes, and control your lighting directly from the app. 

So if you're looking for a way to improve your gaming experience, make the switch to LED light bulbs. You won't be disappointed.

What LED Lights Do Gamers Use?

If you're looking for the perfect LED lights for your gaming room, BAZZ Smart Home has the perfect selections at a competitive price. You can set the mood and get into the game with our color-changing lights. Plus, our lights are energy-efficient to save money on your electricity bill. Shop now to get started!

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