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The Ultimate Wireless Doorbell Camera Buying Guide for 2021

The Ultimate Wireless Doorbell Camera Buying Guide for 2021

Suppose you find yourself consistently missing parcel deliveries or want to keep a close eye on your loved ones’ comings and goings. In that case, a smart doorbell is a simple way to introduce some flexibility and much-needed peace of mind to your routine.

The smart doorbell, a relative newcomer to the collection of smart home devices, has fast become a must-have addition to the modern home. With built-in video, microphone, and motion sensors, smart doorbells don’t just alert you when someone is at the door but let you see and talk to them too. Answer your door anytime, whether you are home or not!

If you are considering purchasing a video doorbell, you may be overwhelmed by the wave of different options at your disposal. To help you find the right smart doorbell for your needs, our complete buying guide includes, in detail,  all the features you should look out for. 

Why Buy a Wireless Doorbell Camera?

It’s no surprise that smart doorbells are being installed in homes across Canada; the device simplifies everyday life. In addition to the welcomed security surveillance, you can resolve problems, take messages, accept parcels and ward off unwanted visitors from anywhere in the world.

Just like a traditional doorbell, the device attaches near your front door. But with its WiFi-enabled functionality, a smart doorbell can connect to your smartphone and allow you to remotely watch live footage, record video and communicate with visitors.

Every time a visitor rings your doorbell, you receive a handy mobile alert. Through the accompanying app, you can see who is at your door and speak to guests instantly. Whether you are busy cooking dinner or halfway around the world, you're never caught off-guard!

  • Improve your home security
  • Keep an eye on the comings and going of family
  • Organize deliveries with ease
  • Never miss out on visits 
  • Screening your visitors before entry
  • Tracking who comes and goes

Features to Consider for WiFi Doorbell Camera

1) Two-way Communication

A built-in microphone and speaker system are the essential features you must look out for when shopping. Let’s face it; a smart doorbell would be fairly redundant without two-way communication. 

Two-way communication allows you to easily speak with visitors, no matter where you are in the world. With a doorbell that integrates with smart home speakers, you can easily communicate through your Alexa or Google Home.

2) Resolution

The point of the smart doorbell is to capture who is at the door, so ensuring the device has HD resolution is vital. Without HD resolution, things can be a little grainy, making it all the more difficult to make out the details that matter. You can expect most doorbells to record in at least 720p, but if you desire ultra-crisp video, opt for a model with 1080p capabilities. In the event of criminal activity, detailed imagery is extremely helpful! 

3) Night vision

Unfortunately, visitors don’t just stop by in the day time, so how does the video quality fare at night? Well, several smart doorbells are equipped with night vision, which means you can clearly see who is at your door, even when it's dark out. For security purposes, this is particularly useful. Remember, most criminal activity happens at night while you’re asleep.

4) Field of View

The field of view dictates how wide the camera can see. So that you don’t miss out on any of the action, you must ensure your model has the broadest possible field of view. A 180° camera captures everything in front of it and to the sides, but a 90° will only show the front. 

5) Storage

To keep video footage safe, smart doorbells come with either internal or cloud storage, both of which are very different. Local storage stores video directly on the device, usually with the help of an SD card, and cloud storage stores the data on a server, which can be accessed from anywhere.

Cloud storage might sound more appealing at first, but be warned; it typically requires a monthly fee, something that you avoid with internal storage. BAZZ Smart Doorbell can hold hours and hours of footage on a micro SD card up to 128GB.

6) Remote APP control

App control is what makes smart doorbells so great. When motion is detected, or when your doorbell is rung, you use the mobile app to communicate as you please and control all of the doorbell’s features.  

Finding a smart doorbell with a well-performing app is an important part of your research - the last thing you want is a slow mobile app that only loads your live video footage after the visitor has left!

7) Price

Like every other smart home device, doorbells are available at many price points, and the price you can expect depends on the quality you desire and what features it has. A smart doorbell camera system will cost anywhere between the $100-$250 range. If HD resolution, night vision, and quality build are all important, you need to steer clear of cheaper options with minimal features. 

What Doorbell Camera Should I Buy?

The best doorbell cameras are WiFi-enabled and offer important features such as two-way communication, crystal clear video footage, along with night vision and motion sensors. 

The BAZZ Smart WiFi Doorbell ticks all of these boxes and comes with an easy-to-use app and a reasonable price. Better yet, the BAZZ Smart Doorbell seamlessly integrates with your existing smart home devices, meaning you can pair with your porch lights to illuminate when motion is detected or siren an alarm when unexpected movement is detected around your property in the middle of the night. 

If you are considering adding a WiFi video doorbell, look no further than the BAZZ Smart Doorbell. See who’s at your door, arrange deliveries and sort guests from unwanted visitors. Once installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one! 

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