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What Is Smart Security & Can it Apply to Small Business?

What Is Smart Security

What is Smart Security?

Smart security is a form of security system designed to help you feel safe and protected in your day-to-day work life. With the use of wireless sensors, smart locks, and cameras, you can monitor your business and its surroundings by managing the security system from your phone. 

Smart security is cheaper than conventional security systems, and the connectivity to your personal devices makes it extremely user-friendly. Smart cameras can be viewed on your phone, and with the increasing trend of business break-ins, the demand for a small company to implement this cost-effective solution is high. This is where BAZZ Smart Home security comes in. 

What are the Benefits?

There are many advantages to smart security systems, including cost-effective monitoring equipment, remote usage, room for growth, and reduced energy costs. The main advantages of smart security include:

  • Remotely being able to access perimeter controls, shut down water, electrical, or internet, activate cameras to record or transfer videos, and access to real-time video anywhere there is a camera. 
  • You are always in control of your business’ security and the breadth of your system. You can always upgrade your system as your business grows, and smart security allows for easy self-installation, so upgrading can be on your schedule.
  • As your business grows, you can enjoy even more features, such as keyless entry points for employees and adding more surveillance cameras as your business property expands.
  • Not only will you be saving on surveillance costs, but you can also reduce your energy costs. Many smart alarm systems can work with thermostats so you can turn down the heat overnight, and with such easy access to surveillance, the threat of theft reduces significantly. 

Smart Device Requirements to Build a Smart Security System

BAZZ Smart Home security allows you to monitor and protect your business from wherever you are. Keep yourself and your business safe while enjoying peace of mind with BAZZ Smart Home monitoring products. After you easily install your security system, you’ll be able to remotely monitor and control your business. All you need to do is set up, link to your WiFi, and pair with the BAZZ Smart Home app

Smart Video Doorbell

With a Smart Video Doorbell you can always see who’s visiting, even when you’re not at work. With built-in HD cameras and a real-time two-way audio system, this entryway accessory allows you to see and communicate with visitors through your smartphone. This way you can monitor deliveries, approve visitors, and check up on employees. The Smart Video Doorbell can also have more advanced features, such as infrared night vision for nighttime surveillance and motion sensors with notifications sent to your phone when people or animals are detected.

Security Camera

With the BAZZ Smart Home WiFi tilted camera, you can keep a constant eye on your business, employees, and your valuables, all in an easy-to-install, modern security system. The camera has a motor controlled by distance and requires no wiring. It has a vertical 60-degree and horizontal 350-degree detection angle, with a 720p high-definition lens, night vision, and a two-way audio system. 

You can take photos, record videos, and watch footage in real-time from the BAZZ Smart Home application. If there is suspicious movement, a notification is sent to your cell phone or email, depending on your preference. The camera settings can be adjusted from your Bazz application. You can combine this product with all of your BAZZ Smart Home devices to ensure a constant feeling of security, backed by a 1-year warranty.

Water Leak Sensor

The BAZZ Water Leak Sensor offers reliable monitoring, keeping your business protected from expensive and severe water damage. Arriving at work to a flooded bathroom or break room can be financially devastating, but with a water leak sensor, you can prevent small problems from escalating into costly ones.

Place the water leak sensor - fitted with a sensitive probe - anywhere you feel the need to monitor. When a leak is detected, the device will siren an alarm and send a mobile notification so you can spring into action before it’s too late. The BAZZ Water Leak Sensor uses your existing WiFi network, with no hub or bridge required. Download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android) to monitor battery life, receive live alerts, and create automated scenes with other BAZZ Smart Home products. 

Wifi Camera with Motion Detection

Motion Sensor Alarm

The BAZZ Smart Motion Sensor is an essential smart home device that alerts you when unexpected movement is detected. Featuring a 110-degree viewing angle and 4-6 meter range, the BAZZ motion sensor picks up every movement and sends real-time notifications, so you know exactly what’s happening near your workplace - even when you’re halfway around the world.

Once movement is detected, trigger a siren alarm or smart lighting to ward off unwanted visitors. Similarly, the motion sensor can replace the light switch, using your presence to turn on and off lighting when you enter and exit a room. 

Smart Lighting Solution

You can deter intruders and unwanted visitors while being out of office by installing smart home lighting. Connecting wirelessly to your smartphone through the BAZZ downloadable application, you can customize and manage your settings from your mobile device to turn your lights on from anywhere with a WiFi connection. 

Group lights together to control entire rooms or switch individual lights on and set timers for them to come on as soon as it gets dark outside. Smart lights can also be installed to the outside of your property so you can illuminate paths or entranceways, creating visibility and reducing your business’ chances of becoming a target of theft. 

Why you Need a Smart Security System

If you already have an alarm system in place, you might think it’s not worth upgrading to a BAZZ Smart Home security system. However, with statistics proving that a connected home would highly deter thieves, and with state-of-the-art technology saving you money, can you afford to be without one? Manage, monitor, and customize your business’ security in an accessible and convenient way with a BAZZ Smart Home security system. 

Build A Smart Security System At An Affordable Price at BAZZ 

As long as you have WiFi, BAZZ Smart Home monitoring is the perfect security solution for your business. You are given the viable option that was once only attainable by costly security companies. With BAZZ Smart Home WiFi products, there are no expensive set-up fees or monthly system costs. 

With its user-friendly installation and monitoring options, BAZZ Smart Home security allows you to think about work while you’re at work and enjoy peace of mind while you’re off the clock. 

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