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BAZZ Smart Home sensors give you full home security and peace of mind. Our sensor kits include motion sensors and door sensors to detect unwanted visitors, notify you of water leaks, or let you know when the harsh Canadian weather may affect your home.

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Shopping from south of the border? Buy smart home sensors in the US.

What Are Smart Sensors?

Smart Sensors detect motion, dampness, and other factors that may affect areas of your home like the basement, under sinks, near plumbing, and at your front door to let you know when you need to jump into action before any harm is done to your family or your house.

How to Use Smart Home Sensors

Smart Sensors are often used for different forms of safety and security, such as detecting floods, changes in temperature, human or animal motion, freezing, and/or smoke.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Sensors?

BAZZ Smart Home sensors boast many benefits, including:

  • Stay Safe From Intruders: Motion detecting technology from BAZZ means you can know when unwanted visitors, thieves or wild animals are trying to enter your house.
  • Know About Water Damage ASAP: Detect leaks near pipes and appliances in real time to prevent flooding and water damage to your valuable belongings.
  • Be Aware of Threats: Know when there is smoke, water, or freezing as soon as it happens so you can address the problem before it causes permanent damage.
  • Monitor From Anywhere: BAZZ Smart Home sensors are so smart that you can monitor all movements or threats from your phone or tablet!

How to Install Smart Sensors

You can place your BAZZ smart sensor anywhere you think you’d need it, but we recommend your windows, doors, and near plumbing/places where water damage can occur. Follow these easy steps to install your BAZZ Smart Home sensor(s) and enjoy full peace of mind!

  1. Before mounting any sensors, clean the surface area to determine no debris gets into the device.
  2. Ensure the base and the magnet are lined up properly and the monitoring lens is where you want it to be.
  3. Calibrate the sensor through the free BAZZ Smart Home app, as no hub is required. Our sensors and sensor kits are truly “plug and play.”
  4. Pair your sensor with your phone or tablet and make sure you like the placement of the monitor. That’s it - enjoy your new safe and secure home setup!

BAZZ Smart Home Sensors FAQs

Are BAZZ Smart Home Sensors WiFi-Enabled?

Yes! These WiFi-enabled sensors don’t require a hub - you can control and monitor them from anywhere so long as you have your smart device and the BAZZ Smart Home app.

Can BAZZ Smart Home Sensors be Used with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, all BAZZ Smart Home products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and can be controlled via voice.

Can BAZZ Smart Home Sensors be Used with Google Home?

Yes, all BAZZ Smart Home products are compatible with Google Home and can be controlled via voice.

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