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  1. Camera can’t read the QR Code.

    Make sure room and phone are at full brightness and place phone at right distance. If it still does not work, try alternate pairing mode called SmartConfig (or AP mode) (see Product Instructions).

  2. I don’t get Alarms when there is motion detected by the camera.

    Make sure motion sensor settings is activated in the camera settings. Once its activated, you will receive screenshots in your Message Center, section Alarm, every time there is a motion detected. These screenshots are kept 30 days in the App. You can always delete them. If you want to keep the history of these screenshots after 30 days, you will need to do manual screenshot by clicking on the button screenshot in the APP, in the device.

  3. I can’t find my recorded videos or screenshots.

    Videos and screenshots taken manually are saved in your phone. When you click video recording or screenshot in the APP, IOS will save them in your phone album, and android will save them in your phone My Files/Internal storage/Camera (accessible also in the gallery).

    Note: BAZZ Smart Home does not yet offer cloud storage. However, BAZZ Smart Home cameras offer the possibility to buy an SD card (not included) to save your videos and screenshots.
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