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Main Application screens

My Home Screen

The My Home Screen is your main dashboard, where you can:

  1. switch from one home to another
  2. add various types of devices
  3. see your one-key activation for smart scenes
  4. switch and manage your rooms
  5. list your devices and groups


Smart Scenes Screens

Smart Scene screens allow you to play with automation: create one-key control actions (Scene), or trigger actions based on multiple conditions (Automation).



Profile Screens

Profile screens are where you will find all the personal settings. This is where users can manage personal information and receive messages.

  1. Personal Settings: account information, password management, mobile number link, account closure
  2. Home Management
  3. Message Center: receive alarms, notifications, shared news, feedback results, etc.
  4. Help Center: troubleshooting information and FAQs
  5. More Services: links to voice assistant tools
  6. Settings: for sound, push notifications and legal information









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